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Models and simulation techniques for discovering diabetes influence factors

Project Structure

MOSAIC will follow a subdivision of tasks into different WPs to delineate accurately the scope of the work to be carried out in each of them.

It is fundamental keep a close relationship and interaction among all WPs.

The Project Manager, the Technical Manager and the WP leaders will work closely to ensure that the communication among WPs is fluent and that all activities are consistently aligned to achieve the project milestones.

One of the key pillars of MOSAIC that is vital to achieve the project purposes is the availability of strong datasets. The pool of data available to the MOSAIC consortium is a heterogeneous data set that comes from the results of different projects and clinical studies.

MOSAIC will work with, at least, five potential streams of data, each of them including the following information:

  • ● Environmental and life-style data: demographic, centers data, lifestyle information…
  • ● Monitoring devices: CGMS, Blood glucose, physical activity, nutrition, compliance…
  • ● Clinical & Epidemiological data: patient profile/medical record, treatment, lab. Analysis, complications/comorbidities, follow-up visit…
  • ● Biological data: Hormone response to oral glucose tolerance test, adiponectin, hsCRP, Botnia Prospective Study, PPP-Botnia Study…

The following figure illustrates the availability of the different types of data in each of the data bases accessible to the project:

To ensure coherence, crossover activities will address ethical, legal, economical and social issues and will deal with all managerial and supporting activities (dissemination, demonstration, training and business strategies):

  • ● Project management, Quality Assurance and Risk management.
  • ● Training, Dissemination, Demonstration and Clustering.
  • ● Socio-economic, Organizational Legal and Ethical analysis.
  • ● Market and Business scenarios analysis.

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