Models and simulation techniques for discovering diabetes influence factors

MOSAIC Project

MOSAIC provides tools that enable the implementation of better methods for advancing diagnose of type 2 diabetes and prediabetic states, which has the potential to improve the prognostic of the disease as it would allow the personalization and assignment of early treatments which, if followed correspondingly, can reduce significantly the complications suffered by patients and delay and/or avoid the onset of other chronic diseases. This also has an impact in the quality of life of the diabetic population and leads also to an increased productivity of those patients in their advanced ages.

MOSAIC will test, improve and enhance existing state of art models for:

  • ● Advancing diagnosis and prediction of T2DM and prediabetic states.
  • ● Predicting the development of complications and assessing the evolution of the disease.
  • ● Risk-stratification of study population according to their clinical profile and the factors impacting their condition.
  • ● Integrating and exploring the interaction between clinical, biological and environmental factors.


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